Rhythm Lunatic's theme programming service. You design it, I program it.

Payment options:

$100 standard cost (excluding bonuses listed below)

$50 upfront, $50 when finished. You can see progress of the theme of course.

Can also do payment per screen, $8 per screen. $20 for music select though.

PayPal or Zelle accepted, if you use something else we can work it out.

Note: themes are intended for personal and nonprofit use only, if you're planning on making a commercial game then please discuss terms of payment/fees with me.

*Alternatively, themes can be used for commercial products at no additional cost if you agree to license the produced code under GPLv3.


- Mission Mode costs extra

- custom lua wheel costs extra (for a price estimate, describe what you want)

- Unlock system requires custom lua wheel.

- Because this is a programming and not a design/art service, please provide your own graphics & mockups for how you want it to look. PSD or XCF preferred but anything is acceptable. (I would prefer if you sent me XCF instead of PDN if you use Paint.NET, so please install the XCF plugin)

- I support 5.0.12 or 5.1 beta 3 or 5.1-nightly or SM-RIO only. Nothing newer or older is guaranteed to work.

- Don't ask me something like "just do whatever you want" because obviously I can't work like that

- No DDR A/A20 themes. I refuse. No DDR A/A20 wheels either, it's very difficult to make a wheel with a grid AND rows.

Examples of cool themes programmed by me

Rave It Out - Designed by RIO Devs

I was the lead developer for Season 2 and implemented level sort, favorites folder, Auto Velocity, and almost everything else.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code

Programmed all by me. Featuring a cool character select and arcade mode.

Hologram Summer Again. Tri Hermes Black Land.

- Fancy custom made character select
- Duke it out with your friends in Free Play Mode or play 6 stages in a row in Arcade Mode.
- Don't have friends? You can also rep your main in Free Play Mode, single player.
- Len Only, Half Moon, Final Destination.
- Cut ins every 50 combos.
Arcade Mode is fully implemented and functional, but due to the lack of charted Melty Blood songs it's not playable.
You can watch a test playthrough here
IIDX style level select by Jousway from his barebones theme.
Thanks to Kyzentun for writing the initial version of VNText for me.
Melty Blood is by French Bread, no copyright infringement intended.

DDR2014 Plus

A theme with various features to make it closer to real DDR2014.

- Modern level sort

- Shows sorts in the music wheel all the time

- Accurate results screen

ScienceNight - Designed by RadicalRiko69

Featuring a DDR II wheel, Mission Mode, and unlock system. All programmed by me.

ESRA - Designed by RadicalRiko69

I programmed the world map.